Moot Competition

Moot Competition is a competition for law students in which they are to prepare and deliver their legal arguments in a simulated proceeding of a court or arbitral tribunal. This activity is designed to emphasize the skills necessary for legal research, analysis, writing, and oratory in accord with the specialized field of Indonesian law. Participants are first presented with the facts of a case, based upon which they must construct well-structured written arguments with sound legal basis. For this purpose, participants will need to meticulously explore laws, legislations, as well as domestic and international practices. PHBLC is affiliated with Pusat Studi Hukum Bisnis (PSHB) UPH to carry out this competition. All universities are allowed to assign of maximum 2 (two) teams. Hence, Moot Competition will challenge the participants’ understanding of domestic and international affairs, critical thinking ability, and skills in writing judiciously and coherently.